EDUCATION was selected among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the mass adoption of on-demand, free learning resources, and the ability to generate impact and income in this creator economy, learning is quickly being reimagined all over the world.

Student teams will explore EDUCATION with the goal to


Sometimes we have to UNLEARN what has always been.


To UNCOVER problems.


In order to UNLOCK new possibilities.



There are no better experts to help design and develop solutions to school or education-related challenges than students!

Hack for Global Good offers registrants the opportunity to engage in this year’s EDUCATION theme by placing students at the center of their own learning.

Covid-19 Implications.

School closures kept


of all students out of school.



After you register, you must download the *FREE* Whova App. This will allow you to network with VIP’s, Mentors, Peers, and Industry Experts. You can check the app for regular updates from the Hack for Global Good community. News, questions, speakers, and workshops are accessed digitally and frequently to keep you informed and allow you to connect throughout the hackathon. Teams can connect on a videoconference meeting within the Whova app!


Teams have just 5 minutes to present and share on stage using powerpoint, video, posters, art, music, a physical prototype, a working model, 3D rendering, or any other method to explain their idea/solution.

Teams must be ready to clearly articulate the following before a panel of industry Judges:

1) The problem, the solution, and the impact (local/global reach)

2) A solution that qualifies as one of the Awards’ Categories.

3 Winning Categories

Moonshot Idea

The “Moonshot Idea” award is given to the team with the most audacious and groundbreaking idea, impacting RI and the world (does not have to be possible in the immediate present). This teams shoots for the moon!

Global Impact

The “Global Impact” award is given to the team that presents a bold and broad solution, capable of impacting the most amount of people on planet earth.

Best Pitch

The “Best Pitch” award goes to the team that best articulates the problem, identifies a clear solution, and delivers a powerful presentation or “pitch” to the Judges.


Moonshot Award


Winner’s design laser etched on panel of satellite to be launched into space at the end of March 2022

Behind the scenes tour and meet and greet with the team of researchers, engineers, and satellite designers


M.A.R.S.: Moon Academy of Research & Science - building a school on the moon with a focus on Sustainability, Inclusion, and Integrated, Experiential Curriculum

Tom Xiao (RHCD)
Julian Gross (RHCD)
Santino Izzi (RHCD)
Marshall Lind (RHCD)
Preston Smith (RHCD)
Dimitrios Daskalopoulos (RHCD)
Bennett Fine (RHCD)
Max Lima (North Kingstown High School)

Global Impact Award


Behind the scenes tour of the NEMIC (New England Medical Innovation Center)

Special Guests to Pitch at RISD with NEMIC Founder, Aidan Petrie

Meet and Greet with a 15 year-old founder working out of NEMIC on his company HotBands to treat a medical condition

Tour and mentorship with Arnell Milhouse at Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship


True Student Empowerment: Achieving true student empowerment through inclusive mindsets and curriculum

Mia Schenenga (EG High School)
Brianna Knight (EG High School)
Sudishma Acharya (EG High School)
Kathryn Foster (EG High School)

Advisories in a World of Isolation: Destigmatizing mental health and providing the connection necessary to improve well-being and avoid school violence, isolation, and loneliness.

Lily Sarnowski (Moses Brown)
Myles Craddock (Moses Brown)
Lauren Markarian (Moses Brown)
Iain Ackerman (Moses Brown)

Best Pitch


Tour and mentorship with Arnell Milhouse at Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship

XR Summer Boot Camp Experience (XR InLearning)


Zone: A workflow, mental health, and anti-procrastination website and app that holds students accountable based on their own priorities and deadlines, with built-in features to promote mental health through built-in psychological tactics

Kelley Liang (Holy Trinity School - Canada)
Nichole Hill (Holy Trinity School - Canada)
Valerie Ho (Holy Trinity School - Canada)
Sydney Choe (Holy Trinity School - Canada)
“As you prepare for the future of education, we must all look at ourselves. Let’s think about the advantages that we have, what privileges do we have over others? And how we can be ok with feeling uncomfortable to serve others… To having more equitable work, especially more equitable education. You’ll want to have 21st century skills, but most importantly, continue working on your soft skills. Communication, leadership, creativity, being a team player, emotional intelligence, a critical thinker, and the ability to adapt. All of these I am sure students have who participate in Hack for Global Good. But, most important is the mindset. Be empathetic and mindful of those who have less opportunity and those from different backgrounds. Be open-minded to everything - especially INNOVATION. You see. Banks do not like bitcoin, hotels don’t like AirBnB, and taxi companies do not like Uber. People do not initially accept a new idea. Be OK with that. Be OK with failing. Failing is our best teacher. .”
Juan Rodriguez, Founder: Winner’sCircle XR Academy

By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys
complete free, equitable and quality
primary and secondary education.


Arnell Milhouse

Keynote Speaker
POC Foundation

Kristin Urbach

Keynote Speaker
Executive Director
NK Chamber of Commerce

Juan Rodriguez

Founders Story Session
Winner Circle XR

Marcy Reyes

Founders Story Session
 FLYi (Financial Literacy
Youth Initiative)


Alison Bologna

Newscaster NBC10 / Founder Shri Service Corps.

George Edwards

Chief Accreditation Officer
NEASC (New England Association of Schools
and Colleges)

Daniela Fairchild

Dir Operations and Special Projects
RI Commerce Corp.

Max Newlon


Tuni Schartner

RI’s Economic Gardner
& Business Consultant

Kristin Urbach

Executive Director
NK Chamber of Commerce

Richard Vevers

The Ocean Agency

Jeff Wilhelm

Founder / CEO
Infused Innovations


Andrew Bikash


Hannah Chung

Design Instructor / Co-Founder
RISD / Sproutel

Marco Cross

Chief Engineer,
SBUDNIC Satellite Program
Brown University

Jeff Ellis

Marine Geologist

Terry Gold

D6 Research

Henry Greenberg

SOAR Entrepreneurship

Ben Grossman


Jessica Hanley

Workshop Facilitator
S.T.A.R.T. URI Program

Chris Jasinski

Marketing Director

Chris Kinder

Environmental and Natural Resources Economics Consultant

Louise Offersen

Marketing & Applied Statistics
Bryant University

Diana Perkins

Founder & CEO
IncluDesign LLC

Ailsa Petrie

Service Designer
People Rocket

Keith Ranaldi

Innovation Officer
Fab Newport

Tara Stanley

Head of Org. Development
School of Rock

Kristie Stark

Founder, Art Director
and Brand Designer
Stark Group Creative


Andrew Tamburini

Co-Chair, H4GG 2022
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Jayci Izzi

Co-Chair, H4GG 2022
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Teo Janiga

Co-Chair, H4GG Ambassador
The Met School

Cole Brown

Business Development
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Garrett Corsi

Chair, Business Development
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Lexi Cote

Chair, Marketing
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Thomas Fitzgerald

Co-Chair, Production
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Julian Gross

Business Development
& Tech
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Isabel Guastella

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Carter Holubesko

Business Development
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Santino Izzi

Co-Chair, Production
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Ben Lawson

Business Development
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Alex Lehouiller

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Ben Liebermensch

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Sea Liu

Rocky Hill Country Day School

August Moran

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Katie O'Neil

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Grace Ouyang

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Jillian Pogacar

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Adele Sun

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Sadie Swanson

Rocky Hill Country Day School

CeCe Tamburini

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Hadley Wheeler

Business Development
& Production
Rocky Hill Country Day School

Tom Xiao

Rocky Hill Country Day School

Finn Ye

Rocky Hill Country Day School


Meg Stowe

Hack Executive Committee
H4GG Industry Expert “Education”

Diane Rich

Hack Executive Committee
H4GG Industry Expert “Education” 

Susan Fonseca

Hack Executive Committee
H4GG Industry Expert
“Pitch Presentation”

Patricia McLaughlin

Hack Executive Committee
H4GG Industry Expert


Caitlin MacDonald

Lower School Head

Mike Jedrey

Middle School Head

Brady Wheatley

Upper School Head

Elaine Bernardino

Volunteer / ELL Translator / Inclusion

Charlotte Buecheler

Upper School English


Christine Comeau

Science / Marine / Environmental

Meg Getsinger

Arts and Design

Wendy Gustavel


Andy Hoffman-Pataloma

Prototyping, Design, Maker

Michelle Jones

Equity and Belonging

Charlie Laurent

PBL / Design Thinking

Mike Lawson

RHCD Site Liaison

Jonah O'Hara

Secondary/HigherEd Transitions

Dan Shaker

Tech Guru

Ming Shen

Global Teams Liaison

Belinda Snyman

Written Communication Expert

Iveth Streisand

ELL & World Languages

Nicole Theriault

Interim, 4th Grade Teacher

Ariana Viola

8th Grade Liaison

“Hack for Global Good is such an amazing experience to get to develop new skills. It is so great to be able to see the innovations come alive and impact people’s lives.”
Jayci Izzi ‘23, Co-Chair H4GG
“This is an exciting time to be working in the education space. It is imperative we bring together historically marginalized voices and diverse perspectives to design a more relevant, inclusive, and sustainable system to address myriad outcomes, unique to each learner.”
Meg Stowe, Director of Innovation, RHCD
“The confidence to take initiative that Hack for Global Good has helped me develop will allow me to be a leader in settings beyond just the classroom in years to come.”
Drew Tamburini ‘22, Co-Chair H4GG
“It’s an absolutely amazing time to be a learner. But what we know about how kids learn most powerfully and deeply isn’t what we practice in our schools. Today, more than ever, that has to change.”
Will Richardson, Education Thought-Leader,
Founder of The Big Questions Institute
“I wanted to join H4GG because of the way you have to think outside the box to solve the problem at hand, rather than just repeating answers like regular education. It develops skills that are essential to a persons life beyond school that we often aren’t taught.”
Carter Holubesko ‘25, BizDev Committee
“Instead of straining to hold broken systems together with Band-Aids and a prayer, we encourage them to focus on blazing new paths.”
Nicole Mirra, Rutgers
Antero Garcia, Stanford
“Education fuels the direction of our society.”
Ariana Viola, H4GG educator
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Skills for


Cognitive and metacognitive skills;
social and emotional skills;
and physical and practical skills. 


Join us as an impact partner to share your NGO, Company, or University’s research related to education (curriculum, school structures, ed policy, teaching & learning, edtech tools, social-emotional learning, and more!). 
Be an Exhibitor, elevate your brand, and tell the story of your organization. Propose a specific challenge you are facing to the student teams!

GenZ says you’re the key! Our mentoring model is one of the highest rated elements of Hack for Global Good. We need your expertise.

What: Student teams will join your meetup to get coaching and feedback.


Virtual:  30 min.  sessions (dates TBD around your schedules).

In-Person:  Friday evening, March 4th @5:00pm – 9:00pm (dinner included!) Saturday, March 5th @9:30am – 7:30 pm. (lunch + snacks included) as you are able. 


Virtual: Join us on Whova! 

In-Person: RHCD campus for the live experience.

Join us also for:

  • Virtual Meet the Mentor Mingle: Friday, February 11th @7:00 pm
  • Live pitch:  Saturday, March 5th @5:00 pm (with link for virtual mentors and participants!)